Towards a Higher Calling

I attended what I can only call a  cathartic event last Wednesday evening in D.C.  Billed as a happy hour before the busy holiday season, the event attracted a Who’s Who in the nonprofit industry.  We were brought together to celebrate and champion a “Higher Calling”the creation of The Nonprofit Alliance.

With an ever-present reliance on nonprofits to address the world's most persistent problems, The Nonprofit Alliance was created to do what is necessary to ensure that the nonprofit community continues to have the resources and influence it needs to succeed.

The Alliance’s main initiatives are to:

  • Represent and uphold the best interests of nonprofits in federal and state legislative matters — including postal, tax, regulatory, and responsible use of data. In fact, The Alliance just hired a lobbyist to build relationships with legislators on Capitol Hill who can champion the responsible use of data in advance of anticipated federal privacy regulation in 2019.  And, The Alliance is exploring a similar investment in reactive efforts to modify and clarify the California legislation as it relates to nonprofit data providers.  
  • Deliver exemplary educational and professional development opportunities that challenge the nonprofit sector to engage, innovate, and inspire.
  • Build greater trust in our sector by upholding high standards of ethics and accountabilities, and communicating the significant positive impact that the sector has on the individuals and societies we serve.
  • Influence the evolution of consumer expectations and behavior by meaningfully and appropriately engaging donors, members, and beneficiaries through the changing array of integrated channels available today and tomorrow.

The great news is that nonprofit organizations, commercial partners, and individual professionals have recognized the need for The Nonprofit Alliance’s existence — and as a result, more than $500,000 has already been raised and pledged by 70+ Founding Members.  (Causemo just signed on as a Founding Member in support of this very important institution.)

Additionally, numerous leaders in our community have jumped in with their specialties to help jumpstart The Alliance’s presence — including building their website and social media presence, drafting a code of ethics, advising on structure and dues, activating on government affairs concerns, and planning for 2019 educational programming.  WELL DONE ALL!! 

Final thought …if you said to me that you were part of an industry that generates $410 Billion annually, and you didn’t have government representation to protect and promote your interests — I’d say you might be in real trouble, and that you’d better fix that. Well, The Nonprofit Alliance is addressing just that —for all of us. 

And, if you haven’t done so already, please join me in investing in The Nonprofit Alliance.


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