Short on Time? How to Save Hours for Your Digital Team!

There’s lots of buzz around automation these days -- in manufacturing facilities, farms, homes, cars and more.

So, what does automation mean for nonprofits?

In short, A LOT! Automation can make your digital outreach more efficient and effective at driving revenue -- and bring your prospects and donors closer to your organization. It can also save your staff time and effort.

Optimize, Automate, and Review Better Results

Good technologies will integrate results from different channels like email, social media, and advertising to help you make investment decisions quickly. By automating the delivery of relevant messages through email, on social, and in ads, you increase the visibility of that targeted message and save substantial time over trying to manually execute across these channels. For reporting, it’s a huge time savings to have your technology pull the data from the different systems, aggregate, and quickly report on results. How much time are you spending on these manual tasks? Imagine the impact you’ll have by shifting that time towards exploring your results, crafting new strategies and approaches that improve conversion and response rates. 

Save Time

If you’ve worked with any of the legacy CRMs, you know how much time it takes to create segments for various email messages. The query building alone can take hours. Add to that the time it takes to create and test each email by segment, to set up the landing pages that correspond with those segments, as well as the reporting and analysis on each segment, and you’re easily spending days, perhaps even weeks, to customize and optimize messaging for various audiences.

Automation makes all that back-breaking work disappear. Instead, you create content streams based on the interests of your followers and constituents, set up the segments and content based on the journey the audiences will take, and then set it to deliver and optimize itself. Messages can be automated to deliver based on actions and interests to drive deeper engagement. All of this will present more effective fundraising opportunities when your constituent is most likely to take action.

Being the busy, hard working nonprofit colleague you are, while all this automation is happening, you can focus on the results (which are automatically updated -- woot woot!) and important next steps.  


The Benefits: Using Automation to Deliver Results

Increase Giving

When you speak to people about the things they care about, they’re more likely to take an interest in your work. And when they care about your work, they’re more likely to support you.

Automation allows you to customize content based on the donor or prospect’s interests, instead of a broadcast email or post shared with everyone. The donor or prospect develops a deeper connection to your work, they become more involved, and better understand how and why their support matters. This leads to long-term admiration and connection to your work. Automation will even allow you to increase giving by delivering customized ask strings to upgrade donors and convert prospects.

Amplify Engagement

By leveraging automation, you’re able to optimize content based on audience engagement. In other words, automation turns off messaging that isn’t working and prompts messages that delivers ‘more like this’ content that is working, encouraging more engagement.

Now What?

Causemo’s technology is built for automation. It’s built to deliver results -- to engage your target audience, raise money and retain valuable constituents. If that isn’t enough to convince you, let’s talk about how much time you can save. After all, who doesn’t want to save time? Reach out to learn more about the clients we’re helping and how we can help you