What's Better Than Sharing? Engaging!

Causemo's social coaching team was inspired by M+R’s recent post about why shareables are a campaign organizer’s best friend.

We agree. Shareables are great! They can create awareness of your issue. They can give your followers an easy way to spread the word.

What’s even better? When shareable content invites and inspires your followers to engage with you and one another in authentic ways.

Here are three examples where shareables + authentic requests for engagement created impressive results. These all succeeded in engaging the community and created opportunities for targeted advertising and coordinating emails to invite subscribers into the social conversation.

1. Real-life Advice for Jessica, a Boys & Girls Club Kid

When Jessica, a 2017 high school graduate and Boys & Girls Club kid, needed real-life advice, we turned to the community of BGC’s Alumni & Friends followers to help provide it.

We asked people to give their opinions and share their advice with her through the comments section. We knew we could do this and get a response because we had observed and learned from the community in past posts that this is where they could and would add their voice, something that’s difficult to attain on social.

Check out her video and the advice. Her emotional requests from 2 videos, each with different questions, resulted in more than 45,500 views, 40 comments, hundreds of shares and increased BGC's social following.

2. Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals Followers Thank Costco

When the Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals (CMNH) wanted to thank Costco for their generous ongoing support -- 30 years totaling $5.7 billion -- they turned to their social community.

With the help of Causemo, CMNH tested three groups of creative to generate the greatest levels of engagement. The first set of creative included attention-grabbing, emotional pictures with supporting copy about the “Miracle Kids” that CMNH serves. This content wasn’t inspiring enough or directed enough and the community didn’t engage with it.

Learning from this, the second set of creative included a video that showed kids in the hospital being helped by doctors with the message “Let’s thank Costco.” This was the highest-performing creative! The video had more than 212,000 views, more than 3,000 engagements and 32 highly personal comments from people helped by the Costco programs!

Finally, as part of the same campaign, we shared a static image of a woman and a child decorating a cake together. The copy included a call-to-action to “Say thank you in the comments.” These few simple words resulted in nearly 24,000 engagements and over 200 comments.

3. Flutie Foundation Curates Relevant Content for Audience

The Doug Flutie, Jr. Foundation for Autism’s small digital team uses data to inform their social outreach and engagement strategy.

The Flutie Foundation publishes information about relevant updates and developments in the world of autism research. Their audience has shown a large appetite for this kind of content, engaging with posts through sharing and commenting. They recently shared a CBS News story about Sesame Street’s new Muppet with Autism, Julia, and the community was wild about it.

Working with Causemo, the Flutie Foundation put a small boost spend behind this post, which generated 1,000 likes and loves, 27 comments, hundreds of shares and increased their following on Facebook.

These are just a few examples of where asking for engagement – to share and comment -- increases the depth of commitment of your supporters. In turn, these high engagement posts become huge assets for paid outreach.

We’ve found that giving people content they’ll want to engage with – an image or a video – is useful. When we’ve paired that with asking followers to give advice, thank someone for doing a good thing, or share their personal story – the results are amazing.

Participation inspires others to participate and increases your reach. Dialogue is a valuable asset for boosting and paid media targeting. The conversation creates a cross-channel coordination opportunity – inviting supporters through email to join the conversation on social. 

Finding the content and calls-to-action that inspire engagement is critical. Testing campaign creative is key to drive these kinds of results. Causemo played a vital role in orchestrating each of these campaigns, helping each client understand their audience, conceptualizing the creative and driving results. Check out our site to learn more about the Causemo platform and how we can help you generate similar outcomes.