Make the Most of Giving Tuesday

What do you have planned for this Giving Tuesday? Ever since Giving Tuesday began in 2012, it has been seen as a natural counter to the commercial events of Black Friday and Cyber Monday. And what a great idea! People love buying things for themselves and others, but they also like feeling good and want to give to those in need. And with that premise Giving Tuesday has been adopted by many nonprofits, as a great way to encourage giving to others amidst a time when commercial events are peaking.

That all said, running a successful well coordinated multi-channel campaign isn’t easy. This is a great opportunity to make a direct ask, and you’ll want to do more than simply promoting Giving Tuesday. Highlight your primary program or the results of work performed thanks to previous support. This is also a great opportunity to acquire new donors, so you’ll want to do your best to show why people should support your mission.

As this is a great opportunity to acquire new donors while also engaging current ones, it’s important to communicate through multiple channels in several stages to fully take advantage of the day. Some tactics I’ve used are sending out a Giving Tuesday reminder a couple of weeks beforehand, asking folks to consider making a gift. If possible, do this through several channels, each with a unique landing page tied to them:

  • Mail – Don’t forget your offline folks! You can also include a return envelope and gift slip for those adverse to transacting online
  • Email – Align with your mail creative if you’re sending to overlapping populations
  • Social – Short videos work well here, and will help it go viral

You want to follow this with email and social posts a day or two before Giving Tuesday, followed by another round of digital outreach in the morning and evening of the event. One other point to consider is removing people from these efforts once they have made a gift. While getting as much support as possible is important, the donor experience is too!


Best of Luck!


At Causemo, our Insights platform allows users to quickly understand who their constituents are, what they care about and the channels they prefer to give through, to efficiently and effectively raise more money for their cause

Ryan Carpenter is the Director of Customer Data Analytics for Causemo, providing strategic guidance and support for our nonprofit partners. He has been in the nonprofit world for many years, previously leading the Engagement & Stewardship team for Year Up, as well as managing Donor Advancement Programs for three of the nation’s leading nonprofits (Feeding America, Wounded Warrior Project and CARE).

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